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Life Skills: Career and College Readiness

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The "Life Skills: Career and College Readiness (ISBN: 978-0-615-61693-3) Student Workbook is a text that can be used stand-alone or as part of a larger class. The material covered includes Goal Setting, Time Management (Using a Planner), Study Skills, Professionalism, and Budgeting. There is also a Briggs-Myers style Personality Inventory based on the Jungian archetypes to help students make better decisions concerning plans for life after high school. The Personality Inventory is compatible with the "North Carolina Career Clusters Guide" in that each personality type is linked to the appropriate set of job listings in the guide. The workbook is designed to improve classroom performance, reduce disciplinary incidents, and ultimately boost retention rates by teaching students to think about, plan for, focus on, and ultimately achieve, long term educational and career goals. It is ideal for 8th Graders or High School Freshmen/Sophomores, but can also be used for transition and mentoring programs at the community college level.

The Units are arranged sequentially:

1. Goal Setting

2. Career/Interest Assessment (The Personality/Career Inventory)

3. Time Management/Organization (Includes using a Daily Planner)

4. Study Skills

5. Life After High School

6. CV/Résumé

7. Professionalism/Networking

8. Mental and Physical Health

9. Financial Health

10. Review/Moving Forward

The book is priced at $39.99 (plus sales tax and shipping). There are volume discounts available. If you're interested in ordering, please fill out the order form below and we will contact you with regards to payment and shipping, and/or answer any questions you may have.

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